Glasgow Pride 2012: The Church That Could Be Home

An enormous thanks to everyone who walked today with the Scottish Episcopalian crowd at Gay Pride in Glasgow.

I thought this morning that I would have a lot to say about it, but I think Kelvin has said everything that needed saying.

It is no secret that I love being at St Mary’s. It would be simplistic and ridiculous to say that I am there only for its inclusive ethos — I am there for a lot of reasons and that is only part of it. But when I first came to Glasgow, I went there for one service and only one service, as a stop-gap, if you will, before I got down to the business of looking for a ‘proper’ church. A not-the-cathedral church. A church-that-could-be-home church. The service that I went to was on the same day as the first blessing of a civil partnership to be conducted by St Mary’s, and it was in that service that the couple were remembered in the intercessions. It was that that made me make the decision to stick around for a bit and to see if maybe this place could be my place. That will be five years ago in September.

I tell people that, at St Mary’s, I found everything I never knew I was looking for.

So, yes, I am proud. I’m proud to have been at Pride today with people who prove to me every day that God is love and that God is not hate. I’m proud to belong to a place that proclaims every week that all — all — are welcome. And I know I don’t speak only for myself when I say that I’m proud of Kelvin, too.

Margaret Mead once said that we should never doubt the ability of a small number of thoughtful, committed people to change the world.

It’s the only thing that ever has.


  1. Well, boo; WordPress appears to have eaten my comments on this post.
    I was saying that while you may not have attended St. M’s solely due to its inclusive ethos, that is what would have done it for us, as the day we attended your licensing service, D. was gratified to be able to repeat all of the responses and all of the prayers – something which is vanishingly rare in a liturgical service. We realized too late what a gem that congregation is, and we were sorry we won’t be able to drop in more than a couple times of year. We’re glad you always talked about it and shared about it, and that we did get around to arriving at least once…

    • We will be delighted to see you whenever you happen to be on the right side of the Atlantic.

      It’s a little difficult to put into words. I’m not there just because of its inclusive ethos, but I wouldn’t be there without it, if that makes any sense at all.

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