The Scottish Episcopal Church Welcomes You

As we have tried to do in recent years, the Scottish Episcopal Church will be turning out to Glasgow Pride tomorrow. There will be a group of Episcopalians walking together in the march. Meet at the fountain in front of the People’s Palace at 10.30am if you want to come with us — we don’t bite and we have fabulous banners this year. Afterwards, there’s a stall at the Pride marketplace on Glasgow Green with leaflets and cards to take away and you can talk to lovely people about inclusive churches in Scotland, how to sign up for Changing Attitude Scotland, where to find the best cope in Glasgow, and how you can have a civil partnership blessed in church.

If you want to know why Pride is important to me, I wrote about it last year.

If you want to know why Pride is particularly important this year, Kelvin wrote about it in the Herald this week.

Pride Posters

All are welcome tomorrow, come rain or sunshine.

(We’ll be praying for sunshine.)


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