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  1. Hi there, I found your blog interesting and thanks for the list of medical bloggers which is helpful to me. However, I found many links are broken. Could you please check and update. By the way, I am trying to put some of my notes on, “” ; so you can just check it out and advice me. Cheers!

  2. Hello
    We are looking to interview early carers doctors for academic research. Any junior doctors out there who would like to participate, please get in touch with Christine Vie, An opportunity to tell your story.
    I paste below the project overview.

    The project seeks to explore the expectations and experiences of early career doctors working in the NHS. We are collecting data comprising the views, experiences and observations of early career doctors and nurses within the NHS in order to examine the following factors affecting their working lives:

    1.Sustainability (retention; austerity and cuts; occupational health and safety; work-life balance; long hours; low pay; job satisfaction, job destinations and mobility; emigration; (un)popularity of clinical fields; pensions; etc.)

    2. Inequalities (gender; race; age; recruitment and selection; job security; flexible working work-life balance; harassment and bullying; pay and promotion, etc.)

    3. Employment relations (clinical/public sector labour process; management control and regimes; unionization and organization; workplace co-worker relations; pay and performance, workplace cultures; changing morale; etc.)

    4. Skills and professionalism (initial training; professional work; knowledge work; emotional labour; body labour; in-service training and education)

    Our findings will be published in academic papers, conference proceedings, and disseminated via presentations to both academic and lay audiences. This may include your answers to our questions either word-for-word or in summary form, but we will never identify you or your place of work, and all data will be stored securely.

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