Sitrep, One Month In

It’s been just about a month since I started this job.

That’s four weeks since the night I drove to work reciting ALS algorithms in my head, and four weeks since I read a management plan that had been written by a nurse practitioner and got to the part that said “medical registrar aware” and got the giggles when I realised that they meant me. This weekend, I managed for the first time to tell someone I was the med reg without automatically putting a question mark at the end of it. It was only because I was trying to persuade them that I wasn’t the nightshift coordinator. I was neither of those things. I was trying really hard to go home.

The rest of you are all all right? FY1s, I’m mostly looking at you.

You’re okay? You’re eating and sleeping and going home? You know where to get help when you need it? (If you aren’t. If you don’t. If you just need to unspool for a little bit. My comments and contact inbox are open.)

For me, life at present can be summarised like so:

1) I haven’t been so consistently and thoroughly exhausted since the beginning of my FY1 year.

2) I’m buzzing. I have my tribe. I chose well.

3) I am really really glad I had a renal job in CMT.



  1. Love this, and so happy that you can say “Ned reg, that’s me” – keep saying it over and over and you’ll believe…!
    Charity x

    • A friend has suggested that the next step is being able to say it/admit to it when they *do* want me, rather than saying it because I’m trying to explain that they need someone else. Like the bed manager. Or a surgeon. Or IT.

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