How To Follow Along With General Synod

This is the key information for those who are hoping to follow along with the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

There will be items on the Today programme and BBC Breakfast this morning.

The discussions on Canon 31 are this afternoon (Thursday 8th June). The debate on Motion 6, which would pass the proposed Canon, is is expected to start at about 2.45pm. An hour has been scheduled for the debate. There will be a break for refreshment and the vote to be counted, and we expect to have a result at about 4.20pm.

The papers are available to read here. They include the text of all the motions, the text of the proposed amendments to Canon 31, and a draft guideline from the House of Bishops on how various practical aspects of the new Canon 31 would be dealt with if it passes.

General Synod is held at St Paul’s and St George’s Church on York Place, Edinburgh. The meeting is open, and the gallery is open to the public. It is likely to be busy today. There are security measures in place, so please allow a little extra time to get in.

If you wish to follow along at home, the live video stream of the proceedings is available here.

The conversation on Twitter can be followed and joined in with at #pisky.

The Primus is making himself available for interview immediately following the day’s proceedings, which we expect to be complete at around 5pm.


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