What’s Next?

You may remember that not too long ago — it feels like forever ago —  I was being admonished by my emails to prepare properly for a job interview and spending evenings being grilled on clinical scenarios by long-suffering friends.

It is with something beyond joy and no small measure of disbelief that I tell you that this afternoon I was offered a job as an ST3 in Acute Medicine in the west of Scotland. I am a bit terrified, and a bit gobsmacked, and a bit weepy, but I am mostly just really bloody happy.



  1. Cheers, you! We shall promptly come and visit, secure in the knowledge that should we keel over, you’ll be there to catch us up. Well done to you!

  2. Beth, that”s brilliant. Well done. Although we’ve never met your blogs give me much pleasure. All the best.

  3. Congratulations, Beth! All the best for a great future – and you get to stay around the folk and the places you love! Jan

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