A New(ish) Year

Due to flooding on the west coast, a reduced speed limit of There Are Not Actually Roadworks Happening Tonight most of the way through East and West Lothian, and absolutely not leaving work on time, I had a moment there where I thought I would end up seeing in 2016 from the car park of a 24 hour Macdonalds in Berwick. The stars over the A1 are very pretty that time of night, but nevertheless I was glad to make it to my parents’ house and my promised turkey sandwich with an hour to spare before the bells.

This is woefully overdue as a New Year blog goes, but I feel it would be remiss of me to let the old year pass away entirely without a note of gratitude for how very good a year it was for me.

I became a whole decade older. I finally laid to rest the many failures of the first part of the MRCP and then to my still sometimes surprise passed the second part too. I started Core Medical Training, and without having to move to the frozen north to do it, and I made some decisions about my career. I crossed the finish line of my first marathon. On a still extraordinary day in June, I witnessed changes and actions in the Scottish Episcopal Church that I am starting to believe will someday soon make it a better place. I met new people, remade old friendships, and spent time with the people I love.

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking about goal-setting, and have come up with some things that I’d like to accomplish this year. I wouldn’t call them resolutions, as such. They include things like “pass PACES” and “run another marathon” and “get the first reading of Canon 31 through General Synod” and “learn how to knit socks”. If I resolve anything, it is that I do my very best to make 2016 a year as fabulous as 2015 was.

A very happy and belated New Year to you all.



  1. Why socks? Really? You can get remarkably good ones from many outlets. Some in Glasgow (in fact, I think I am wearing Glasgow-bought socks at the moment. Not from the Southside, obviously. Socks should not arrive smelling of dragon.)

      • Ah, now, knitting socks I can do, using 5pins and turning heels. I can even let you have a pattern or several if required, including some where you just knit straight up or down and don’t have to turn heels :-)

  2. Happy New Year! Glad to hear that 2015 was such a good one. I learned to knit socks in 2015, and they’re a nice mindless knitting project once you get the hang of them (except for the bloody heel). Good luck.

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