Fifteen Hours To Change The World

And so it is that every once in a while we all get one day to say what we really think.

This is not simply an opportunity, but a right and a privilege and a responsibility for our own futures, for the lives of our fellow men and women, and for the world we will leave to those who come after us.

Vote for a better world. Vote for a braver world. Vote for a more compassionate world. 

Vote because today you get to decide what matters most to you.

Vote to say something about healthcare, about education, about war and peace, about social justice, about the economy, about our place in the ever growing and ever shrinking world, about transport and the environment, about the kind of people you want us to be and the kind of society you want to be part of building.

And above all, don’t squander your vote to apathy, or to cynicism, or to staying home.



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