Inside The Head Of A First Time Marathon Runner


  • But what if my legs forget how to run?
  • What if my legs drop off?
  • 26.2 miles is a really long way.
  • Why did I miss that long run that time a couple of months ago?
  • shoes … Vaseline … comfy clothes … comfy shoes … comfy everything … safety pins … gels … Garmin … spare Garmin … all the chargers that have ever existed … spare hair ties … sunglasses … porridge … malt loaf … kitchen sink …
  • No. Really. Shoes.
  • Whose stupid idea was this, anyway?
  • I am very very insane. Obviously.
  • Where did I put my train tickets?
  • What if all the trains break down and I don’t get there in time to get my number?
  • Remember that you always feel terrible until about 4 miles in.
  • You know you can get to 20 miles, and then it’s only a 10K and you can crawl that if you have to. Probably.
  • How many different kinds of weather is it reasonable for a paranoid Glaswegian to pack for?
  • It won’t snow in Brighton in April, right?
  • Am I hydrated enough? Am I hydrated too much? What colour is my wee?
  • What if I sleep through my alarm?
  • I had a dream the other night that I went the wrong way and accidentally ran to London. It’s not impossible.
  • *brain explodes*
  • *words that my grandmother thinks I don’t know in the general direction of my running shoes and the cats*
  • What have I forgotten? It is not possible that I haven’t forgotten anything.


  1. What colour is my wee”!?
    *rolls around on floor, giggling inappropriately*
    Well, I’m sure you’ve got that all sorted by now. Bonne chance.

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