Holding Pattern

I spent the better part of last week growing increasingly twitchy as absolute radio silence was maintained by whomever it is who is responsible for letting CMT applicants in Scotland know that they do or do not have jobs. The national deadline for releasing initial job offers is sometime in the middle of March and so I may seem unreasonably impatient, but Scotland were preternaturally quick about doing it last year. I have been refreshing the website like it’s my job.

A possible explanation is that last year I had to take my own references to interview in a sealed envelope, while this year we were told that references would be sought post-interview. I know this because I read that and then made someone verify twice that I was reading it correctly, but, nevertheless, it took until yesterday for me to remember it. I am no less impatient, but I am a little less twitchy.

In the meantime, I did learn last week that I have finally passed Part 1 of the MRCP. I am mostly relieved, mostly that I can stop throwing cash at the Royal Colleges for a bit. Yay.



  1. Dear Beth,

    Just to let you know that although I have left St. Mary’s, I continue to read your blog with great interest. Some of the medical acronyms escape me though!

    Thanks Andrew

  2. Hang in there, and congrats for sealing off another financial -hemorrhage! Eventually, all the wee holes get sealed up, and graduates MAKE money, I hear. Have yet to see this for myself, but I’m close…!

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