That Was The Year That Was

The last days of 2014 were ushered out amid a very fuzzy haze of wobbly legs and mucous which were my family’s parting gift to me after the first Christmas we’ve spent together in three years.

It was a very good year. It wasn’t sunshine and roses. In the last twelve months there have been things that were difficult and things that were appalling and things that I failed at and things that made me so angry I could barely speak, and, for most of it, I was making it all up as I went along. But the things worth having never come easy, and 2014 was a year that was worth having.

And as for my recent uncharacteristic silence…

2015 has come in with a flurry of deja vu and MRCP revision, to be followed rapidly (I hope) by another crack at getting a training post.

Back soon.


  1. Sounds like your feet are on the ground. Hopefully, the sharp learning curve of 2014 will give way to a quieter 2015 initially & maybe hotting up later! Have a Guid Year.

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