MRCP, Again

As some of you are already aware, this happened:

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 20.10.31

You may recall that I described my sitting of Part 1 as not unlike being kicked in the head for six hours by the entire All-Blacks team. It went so badly that, if I had passed, I’d have presumed I was hallucinating and then I’d have been tempted to ask for a re-count. And if I had passed, it would have been wholly on luck and then I might always have felt that by not having to learn it again properly, I’d left great holes in my education — some holes are all right, I suppose, I wouldn’t have minded passing the biochemistry parts on luck, but for example, hearts: it turns out that I don’t really know much about those, and I should, really, because most people have got one.

This was predictable. This was so predictable that when it finally happened, I wasn’t even really terribly disappointed.

I’m dusting off my copy of Kalra and my subscription to Pastest. The next sitting is in May.




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