You Are Called To See A 28-Year-Old Junior Doctor With Palpitations

I’ve got an exam in the morning.

My philosophy going into this is that I’ll be pleasantly surprised and disproportionately thrilled if I pass it, but that if I fail it then that is okay and I’ll take a little while to be annoyed about how much it’ll cost me to take it again before I dust myself off and get back to work. In the meantime, my books have been packed away and Pastest has been logged off and it’s time for a little bit of relaxing with my (specific and time honoured) pre-exam episode of Doctor Who before an early night. I always think that if Martha Jones could save the Earth from the Judoon when she was still a medical student, then things can’t really be so bad after all.

As my pencil says…




  1. Our prayers will be with you tomorrow. We will ask that your little grey cells will be at peak performance! Meanwhile catching up on Dr. Who sounds very good as does an early night. Sleep well. Andrew & Jackie x

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