San Francisco to New York

I think it’s time for a shout out to Thomas and John, a couple of English nutters who have set out to cycle the 3,150 miles from San Francisco, California, to New York, New York in 35 days. This insanity is fuelled by an aim to raise £10,000 to be divided between Macmillan Cancer Support, Cancer Research UK, and the Stroke Association, all in memory of loved ones. At their last check in, they had just completed Day 12 and landed in the Back Of Beyond, Colorado and were preparing for a changeover of their RV crew.

Their fresh crew includes John’s sister, Rachel. Rachel was at university with me for my first degree, and she along with her partner Scott now feed me dinner when I’m in England and teach me how not to piss off the hospital biomedical scientists. She will be driving the RV into New York (while Thomas and John do the infinitely harder thing of cycling into New York, with 3,149 miles behind them). It’s the right hand side of the road, Rach, and don’t drive into any bears.

You can donate to Thomas and John’s charities on their JustGiving page and read their highly entertaining blog at SF2NY.


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