Party Animal

For those of you who may have doubted the veracity of my claims as to the super cool glam lifestyle that I went into medicine for: I am spending my evening sitting on my sofa, with the cats, in my PJs, watching Buffy out of one eye, and using the other one to do the allegedly three and a half hour online induction for the job that I’ve been doing for two weeks. So far, I’ve lost points for not washing my hands before I asked a patient her name, lost points for washing my hands before I injected morphine into her, been asked questions that by the nature of the question contradict actual prescribing guidelines, done more mental arithmetic than I usually care for at this time of night, and found two spelling mistakes.

I may be here for some time.

(I’m on call tomorrow.)



  1. NHS Admin and form filling have proved highly successful – meaning it’s growing worse by the day and, as Rosemary hints – there’s a direct correlation between it and the growing prosperity of those who devise it! Meanwhile, people like you are doing the real work. And by the way, coffee is mandatory.

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