Time, Flying

I have no apology really to make except that I have been working a lot this month, and, when I say a lot, I mean that, due to the finer points of rota coordination and the EWTD not meaning at all what the papers think it means, this weekend, which I have spent almost exclusively horizontal in my back garden, is the first and last weekend in July that I have not been working.

Tomorrow, I start my last week of FY1. I’m away for the last week of FY1 (sleep! sunshine! weddings!) and when I come back, it will be to work one final shift alongside a shiny new FY1 before I hand over my pager to them and get myself turned loose into the big bad world of SHOs.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole year since I wrote this.

It’s been mad. It’s been exhilarating and exhausting and heartbreaking and too much and not enough, and maybe it means that I’m a bit mad, too, but it’s been brilliant.


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