Camouflage, Doctor Style

The scene is the medical receiving unit, at the nurses’ station, shortly after lunchtime. I have apologised and tripped and generally made a nuisance of myself to squash past three nurses and into the corner, and I am now crouched on the floor, foraging in the bereavement drawer for paperwork.

I get nudged in the back. I ignore it. There are a lot of people crammed into a small space, feet and elbows and knees everywhere. Besides, I’m preoccupied with wondering where all the crem forms have gone.

I am poked again, harder.

And then there is a voice from far above my head…

Nurse 1: What are you doing?

Nurse 2: I’m moving this chair out of the way.

Nurse 1: Eh?

I suddenly become aware that the thing that I’m being poked with feels a lot like a shoe and I look up.

Nurse 1: That isn’t a chair! Did you try to sit on Beth?!



  1. The new (2000) training teaches nurses to challenge doctors but I don’t recall anything about using them as ‘chairs’. Sounds like ‘Alice in Wonderland’!

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