England and Wales, you beauties!

There will be a committee stage with amendments added and then a third reading to get through and then to the House of Lords. It ain’t done yet. But I watched BBC Parliament for nearly seven hours today and it went through the House of Commons with 400 votes for to 175 votes against and, damn, but I’m popping the champagne corks tonight. Anyone with me?



  1. I managed to watch the last hour and the vote and was so pleased at the result. :-) It will be a while yet, but the first big hurdle has been crossed. I think the Lords won’t be easy and it will be SO interesting to see what the Bishops have to say for themselves and whether they will all parrot the party line…..

  2. Meant to listen but events took over. So glad it passed through the commons with a good majority of 2 to 1. I pray the Lords’ result is similarly balanced despite our new Archbishop.

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