Dr Beth

I do solemnly and sincerely declare that as a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Glasgow, I will exercise my professional knowledge and skills to the best of my ability, for the good, safety, and welfare of all persons committing themselves or committed to my care, regardless of their individual status or standing. I will not knowingly or intentionally do anything or administer anything to their hurt or prejudice for any consideration, or from any motive whatever. I will keep silence as to anything I have seen or heard in the practice of my profession, which it would be improper to divulge. I will assist patients to make informed decisions and I will respect these decisions. I will endeavour to earn and keep the trust of my patients and colleagues, by acting honestly and fairly, and by continued effort to improve and share my knowledge and skills.

(Photo credit to the Glasgow Herald.)



    • Thanks, Perpetua. That is the official declaration — an updated version of the Hippocratic Oath, really — made by all doctors and dentists from Glasgow. We all took it as part of the graduation ceremony.

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