FPAS: The Long Saga Continues…

I will be living in Glasgow next year.

After I learned last month that I had been given some sort of job somewhere in Scotland, I was asked to choose ten of the fifty-three different programmes that are available for F1/F2 in Scotland and list them in order of preference. I was told that if I failed to be allocated a job amongst those ten, I would be contacted and asked to rank all the programmes in Scotland that still had places available. Today, I got an email from the Scottish foundation school  informing me that I had been allocated to one of my top ten programmes and that I needn’t worry about the second part.

I’ve not yet been told where I’ll be working. I won’t be told that until February. I’d like one of my top two – there is very little difference between them; both are in a DGH that I know and love, and both of them come with the possibility of rotating in my specialty of interest during F2. In the end, though, I applied to ten jobs, none of them on an island and all of them in hospitals that I like and all of them within commuting distance of Glasgow, and knowing which of those jobs I’ve been given is a great deal less important than knowing what I’ve learned today.

I get to keep my city.

I’m happy enough with just that.



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