Home, Sweet Home

A thousand apologies for my extreme absence from the blog over the last wee while. In the sure and certain knowledge that the first week of this year would find me one short and hellish step away from finals, I was determined that I’d take Christmas as a proper holiday and spend it thoroughly charging my batteries for what lies ahead. And so I’ve been in England with my family, with most of my time over the last couple of weeks engaged happily in sleeping, eating, sleeping, merry-making, reading, sleeping, watching rubbish television, and sleeping.

I returned today — and when I say returned, I mean that I battled my way through the tornado. I ought to have arrived yesterday, but, as you may gather from the selection of storm photos on the BBC, my attempts were foiled by the Scottish weather. “Scotland is apparently closed for business,” I announced to my family when my suitcase and I unexpectedly reappeared at the front door. The friends who are familiar with me and my long history of transport-related disasters are suspicious that it was my attempt to get on a train that caused the weather, while others have suggested that I simply brought it with me. I am mostly grateful that the worst of the weather happened before I got on a train, rather than when I was stuck on the tracks in the Borders. In any case, I trundled into Glasgow early this afternoon to the blessedly familiar sight of a choppy river and a leaden sky. It’s good to be home.

Inevitably, coming home has kickstarted the exam fear and work recommences tomorrow.

For those of you who are keeping track, written exams start on February 15th and clinical finals finish on March 9th. A thousand more apologies for what will doubtless be my extreme absence, both from the blog and from much of my normal life, between now and then. I will start being a sane person again after that. Well, as sane as I ever get.

If you should happen to be looking for something to read in the meantime, I recommend Internal Optimist‘s blog. Internal Optimist is a fourth year medical student who has recently returned from his elective in Tanzania, and what he has written about his time there is very well worth a read.



  1. Hope you’ll make it to choir at some point, but I’m guessing you’ll likely be rather pressed for time.

    Be glad you weren’t here to enjoy the tornado – it truly wasn’t fun.

  2. I, too, am glad that I got home safely, Perpetua. I had visions of my train flopping over like a badly ruddered sailing boat. My absence is likely to be punctuated by brief and extremely irregular pitstops to metaphorically wave my hands around my head in a panic, so I will be around, just… in the most unreliable sense of the word!

    David, choir is truthfully not even going to be on my radar. I’ve filed a leave of absence with El Maestro until the middle of March. As for the tornado, when I got back to the house and turned on the news and briefly thought that I had instead turned on the opening scenes of The Wizard Of Oz, I concluded that I was better off out of it.

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