Praying for a Revolution

This is a reminder that the Scottish Government consultation on equal marriage will close on Friday December 9th and responses can be made until then via the Scottish Government website or the Equal Marriage website.

I’ve attended a couple of church-based discussions about these proposals over the last week or so, one a Diocesan consultation and one with the St Mary’s LGBT Group. The discussions have for been valuable and respectful, and, for the most part, very positive. The one thing that I’ve come up against over and over again, though, is a brick wall of a belief that same-sex marriage is simply not what the Church does — as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. It is an argument that I have little patience with, as I will just point out that, once upon a time, interracial marriage and marriage of divorced persons and the ordination of women were things that the church simply did not do, rather proving that we are not incapable of change. I have said before that I am for religious freedom for everyone, and I stand by that. I would not dream of forcing anyone to solemnise a marriage that they did not wish to solemnise. But this is my religion and this is what I believe.

Today, while looking for something completely different, I came across a translation of Dorothee Solle’s German Credo. It says all the things that I’ve been trying to say for the last couple of months, and I will leave it here to speak for itself.


I believe in God
who didn’t create a world
full of things that are the same,
who doesn’t rule in accordance with eternal laws
which are unchangeable
nor under the natural order
of poor and rich,
experts and uninformed
rulers and those who depend on their mercy.

I believe in God
who supports the protests of the living
and the change of all conditions
through our work
and through our politics.

I believe in Jesus Christ who was right when he,
as an ‘individual who can’t change anything’
just like us
worked for the change of all conditions
and who perished in so doing.

Compared with him I realise
how our intelligence cripples
and our fantasy stifles
our efforts are wasted
because we don’t live like he did.

Every day I am afraid
that He died in vain
because he is buried in our churches
because we have betrayed His revolution
in obedience and fear of authorities.

I believe in Jesus Christ
who rises from the dead in our life
so that we can become free
from prejudice and arrogance
from fear and hatred
and drive His revolution
towards his reign.

I believe in the Spirit
that came into this world with Jesus
to the community of all nations
and our responsibility for what
becomes of our world,
a valley full of lamentation, hunger and violence
or the city of God.

I believe in the just peace that can be created
in the possibility of a meaningful life
for all people
in the future of this world of God.


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  1. Beth, thanks so much for the Dorothee Solle Credo. I too find it hard to come up against a brick wall where same-sex marriage is concerned, but do believe the change will come, though perhaps not in my lifetime. After all, when I was a child the ordination of women would have been seen as a joke or a heresy, yet here I am, 23 years on from my ordination. :-) Change does happen.

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