Done. Gone. Hallelujah.

FPAS is finished, submitted, done, sent into the great Internet black hole.

And glory streamed from the heavens and an angelic chorus sang loud hosannas, etcetera.

I’ve spent the better part of the last nine days writing and rewriting and brutally hacking out entire sentences and abusing commas and deciding that words like ‘the’ are unnecessary luxuries, not to mention chasing down referees and fighting with the scanner and an eleventh-hour reshuffle of my rank list.

It’s gone, though.

Now, we pray.



  1. Ah. Was going to ask about that, in terms of the ranking shuffle…
    Well, I know from revision and removing the the to save on the word count – it’s horrendous! But, it’s done, done, done.


  2. Thank you.

    The system closes in an hour and a bit, so at some point over the weekend I’m going to post the questions and you’ll see EXACTLY why I was tearing out my hair over those 200 words.

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