Meanwhile, Back on Planet FPAS…

In case you all think that I’ve forgotten about that job application I’m meant to be working on…

It’s a difficult thing to write about. There is a cult of secrecy surounding FPAS, even amongst friends. I’m not going to write about the questions, because I’d rather avoid giving the false impression to the UKFPO that I’ve asked for help. And I’m not going to write about my answers, because, like it or not, I’m in competition with all the final year medical students in the UK and a few from further afield, and putting that sort of thing on the Internet before the application deadline is something between foolishness and professional suicide.

I’ll put the questions up after next Friday, for the three of you who might be interested in what we’ve been asked, but for the time being I feel it’s easier and safer to keep quiet about it all.

For now, I will offer the generic but no less true observation that two hundred is a ridiculously small number of words.



  1. 200 is a tiny number when you are writing. It will seem a whole lot more when you are reading lots of applications.

  2. It’s getting rid of the last four or five that seems always to be the most difficult, Rosemary. Although there was the one answer that my flatmate had to browbeat me into cutting down from 360, which I admit was ridiculously OTT.

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