Bishop David on Equal Marriage

Further to the conversations about equal marriage that were being had at the weekend and earlier in the week, an opinion piece appears in the Scotsman today by The Most Reverend David Chillingworth, Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church.

“I believe that the church must and should be an unequivocal supporter of marriage and family life,” he writes. “But Jesus did not call the church into being as a citadel of orthodoxy […] The Scottish Government’s consultation challenges churches to reflect on what it means in today’s society to call people to uphold marriage and family life. And if there is a mandate for us in the churches, it is to try and build communities of faith which honour the way in which we believe Jesus responded to people in their diversity.”

His excellent piece can be read in full on the Scotsman website.

I have been proud today to count myself part of a Church whose leader rejects cruel rhetoric and angry reactionism, who does not pretend for the sake of easy headlines to speak for all Episcopalians, who speaks in a way that is thoughtful and considered, who speaks from a place of love and justice, and who believes that religion is not by definition incapable of change. Bishop David speaks of a God that I can have faith in and a Church that I can have hope in.

A mandate for love.

It was a revolutionary idea then, too.


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