The Blessing of the Dogs, the Cats, and the Guinea Fowl

A video of The Blessing of the Animals is available on YouTube with photos by Daniel Williams and Gordon Smith and music by the choir of St Mary’s Cathedral, and a lot more photos from Gordon Smith (the one of the Provost and Opal The Cat making plans for world domination is my new favourite photograph of anything ever) on Flickr.



  1. Ah, well. That cope doesn’t get worn often and, in fact, everyone of the four-legged variety was remarkably well-behaved.

  2. I think I agree with this, Rosemary. I think an important part of doing slightly off-the-wall liturgy is to remember that it is still liturgy and is no less an act of devotion just for being slightly off-the-wall.

    The laughter is usually a given from where I sit. :)

  3. The guinea fowl is called Survivor and he belongs to Rosemary.

    I did have a chat with someone on my way into church yesterday who told me about the time he went to a similar service at York Minster and several people had brought racehorses with them. I wonder if horses would fit through the west door…

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