Best. Simile. Ever.

From my unexpected day in the library today, this is hands down the best paragraph I have ever seen written in a medical textbook:


Although clinically it is usually quite easy to tell the difference between the two types of inguinal hernia, the ultimate differentiation can only be made at operation: the inferior epigastric vessels demarcate the medial edge of the internal ring, therefore an indirect sac will pass lateral and a direct hernia medial to these vessels. Quite often, a direct and indirect hernia coexist: they bulge on either side of the inferior epigastric vessels like the legs of a pair of pantaloons.

Ellis et al, Lecture Notes in General Surgery 11th Ed.


It’s called a pantaloon hernia.

Yes, really.



  1. We all find enjoyment in our research (says the man volountarily reading a dissertation on intellectual property law as it relates to higher education and technology). :)

    See you tomorrow. Plans for dinner?

  2. Sophie, it is going as well as one can expect but knocking off time was called several hours ago for dessert and Doctor Who. It is Friday night, after all. :) Oh, and I imagine the pantaloons makes that paragraph a little difficult to forget!

    David, I have no special plans for dinner beyond bringing some with me and nipping out to buy a coffee at some point. I am steeling myself for two pieces to grind to a spectacular halt — you know which two!

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