I’ve Got My Passport…

I write this from the train from Glasgow Central to Newcastle, the first leg of a journey that will tomorrow take me through Amsterdam and Nairobi and finally to East Africa, to the town of Mwanza in Tanzania. I’ll be working in a government hospital near Lake Victoria, in the oncology department for two weeks and then onto a general medical ward.

My friends and colleagues are also going off on their electives, some this weekend and then others over the coming days and weeks. To Mozambique. To Thailand. To Northern Ireland and America and Australia. To the Western Isles, where I was last year. We will next see each other on the first day of our final year, at the end of August, and, oh, the stories we will have to tell.

I’m going to be blogging from Tanzania as and when the Internet is available, which I’m aware may not be much. I am unlikely to be contactable otherwise.



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