Have Stethoscope, Will Travel

Tomorrow, there’ll be a brief introduction to the whys and wherefores of my new rotation and after that it’s off to the Borders for five weeks.

I’ll be two hours and a complicated journey from Glasgow, which means that I’m planning to stay in the local cottage hospital during the week. I am not expecting to have Internet access. I am not really expecting to have a 3G signal either. I will be around, just not very much and mostly at the weekends.



  1. …meant to say, before you go, DO Google the local library, and make sure you have car fare for such. They MUST entertain you; if nothing else, you can read cheesy Mills & Boon all week… good luck!

    • The definition is “a small rural hospital with up to 25 beds”.

      They used to be reasonably ubiquitous, but that was pre-urbanisation and pre-motorways and pre-extensive public transport networks. The remaining ones are mostly in Scotland, mostly in the far north and the Borders. And there was one in rural East Anglia, staffed mostly by nuns, as recently as 1999, but I’m not sure if it’s still there.

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