Windy City

On Monday, I had volunteered to do a late shift in paeds A&E.

You may have seen that the Scottish climate has been treating us to the sort of wind that might not have looked out of place in an amateur production of The Wizard of Oz. The rail services in and out of Glasgow and Edinburgh came to a grinding halt on Monday evening, spectacular waves were being made off the Largs coast, and countless trees were being felled across the country. (Image credit to BBC News.)

In the middle of my short shift, there was an interval during which nobody on the ward seemed to be answering their phone. It took quite some considerable time, but the phone was eventually answered and we learned that the reason for their being uncontactable was that a part of the hospital had been blown down by the wind. They were surprised that we hadn’t been evacuated, too. Thankfully, it seems that nobody was hurt.

A few parts of the hospital are still plastered with red tape and no entry signs. Today, the staff in the temporary cafeteria were asked about the areas that have been cordoned off. It turns out that there’s some concern that the proper cafeteria, which was the site of the damage, could be swept inwards to the adjacent corridor and so it was felt that people ought maybe not to be there. Yes, I think I’d agree. I don’t think there are many folk who would argue with that point.

The hatches are being battened down.



  1. I keep reminding myself at least it’s not a tornado… although I think we have some literal blowback going on here. Glad no one was blown down with the hospital.

    • We’re getting off lightly compared with the US, for sure. Scotland just has this legendary inability to cope with any weather at all.

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