Where Am I?

I write this from somewhere in the Midlands, as my train rattles its way to London.

I’ve spent the last few days bouncing up and down and around the British Isles like some kind of demented spacehopper. I was in London this weekend, for two days of relaxation and theatre, and came back on the overnight bus on Sunday. 29 hours later and I’m going back to London, this time to make a connection through to Bournemouth where I’m presenting tomorrow at the UK Medical Students Association Conference before flying home via Southampton late tomorrow evening.

So, there’s that.

It doesn’t seem terribly likely that I’d do well on an MMSE just now. I mean, they ask where you are. I’m not sure I’d know that on any given day this week.

And then there were the last few weeks. You’d be forgiven for thinking that they were nothing but Easter and Royal Weddings and Glorious Sunshine, and, indeed, the Glorious Sunshine particularly has been most welcome.

In the middle of all those distractions and shortened working weeks, it feels as though my paeds rotation has been sort of happening around me. (I’m trying to make up for that a little bit by using this train journey to write up one of my cases.) I’m back properly on Thursday for the last two weeks of it and I really want to make the most of those two weeks. I have, after all, no other paeds until after I graduate.


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